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Wyre Forest Clinical Commissioning Group

Wyre Forest Clinical Commissioning Group Visits

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The Purpose of Practice Visits
The purpose of the practice visits will be to support the CCG and Board in the commissioning process and ensure that views are communicated in a structured way including feedback and reflection.  This should include recognition of achievements as well as identify areas for performance improvement.
Wyre Forest Member Practices will need to maintain a strong grip on current performance, to support the CCG’s financial balance. 
Practice visits will support practices by providing them to timely, relevant, accurate information in a user-friendly format.
Wyre Forest Member Practices will work with members of the Locality Team to investigate the causes of any variance from target/plan and proactively contribute to the implementation of solutions.

secure arrangements with individual practices for review of finance, activity, clinical quality performance, service issues and Peer Review;
will ensure each practice is supported on an individual basis;
secure necessary on-going involvement and engagement; 
evaluate projects against financial saving plans;
provide regular reporting on and monitoring of schemes from a value for money perspective;
support sharing of best practice.

Who Needs to be Involved in Practice Visits
As a minimum, the Practice Manager and Lead Commissioning GP from each practice. 
Initial Practice Visits will be undertaken by the Primary Care Engagement Manger, Finance Manager and Information Manager from NHS WFCCG Locality Team.  Subsequent meetings may involve clinicians from other GP practices to support peer review.

Frequency of Practice Visits
Visits will be undertaken on an annual basis, as a minimum.  It is acknowledged that some practices may require additional support following each visit.  Follow up arrangements will be discussed at the end of each practice visit.

What Information Will be Discussed at Practice Visits
Key commissioning information will be reported on. 

What Actions Will be Taken After Each Practice Visit
Discussion will be held at the end of each visit as to what agreed follow-on actions are required including any clinical areas that need further support.  If a subsequent visit is required, agreement will be sought between the visiting team and practice.  If appropriate, a clinician will be identified from another GP practice to support any visit or piece of work required e.g. clinical audit/review of referrals etc.

As part of sharing ‘good practice’ completed practice visit templates will be uploaded on NHS WFCCG Website after each practice visit. This will allow all practices the opportunity to see how other practices are performing and what remedial actions are in place for any areas of improvement.

How Practice Visits will Support the Priorities of the WFCCG

Practice visits will support the following priorities of NHS WFCCG:
Ensuring financial balance;
Support General Practice to increase productivity and quality in general practice to enable the release of more clinical time to support the Commissioning Agenda.

Practice visits archive 2013