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Wyre Forest Clinical Commissioning Group

Faqs referral pathway for wyre forest patients to the Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust


Sometimes when we are unwell our GP will recommend that we are referred to see a hospital consultant for further tests and/or treatment. In the Wyre Forest area, patients have the option to use the ‘Choose and Book’ electronic booking system to make an appointment to see a consultant for non-urgent appointments.

What is this service?

From the 1st April 2016, for certain specialties, Wyre Forest patients will be given the choice to see either a consultant from Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust (WAHT) at a venue within Worcestershire or a consultant from The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust (DGFT) also at a venue within Worcestershire. 

Patients who choose to see a Dudley consultant will be able to attend a new outpatient clinic at Hume Street Medical Centre in Kidderminster (extra venues to be made available at a later date). The only difference for the patient will be that any on-going treatment will take place at a DGFT venue within the Dudley borough, rather than in Worcestershire. 

Referrals to a Dudley consultant will be entirely the patient’s choice. If you would prefer to see a Worcestershire consultant, then you can still choose to do this. 

Which services are covered?

This service will cover referrals to the following specialties:

  • General Surgery
  • Respiratory Services
  • Gynaecology
  • Neurology
  • Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)
  • Dermatology 

This is currently phase one of the project and other specialties may be included in the future.

When will this be rolled out?

The first clinics will start to take place at the beginning of April 2016. Referrals for Ears Nose and Throat (ENT) will be first, with the other specialties to follow.

Patients can choose to see a consultant who is employed by either Worcestershire or Dudley. If you choose a Dudley consultant, you will receive your initial outpatients appointment at Hume Street Medical Centre in Kidderminster. 

Any on-going treatment will be received at a location within the Dudley Borough (this could be at; Corbett Outpatient Centre, Russells Hall Hospital, Brierley Hill Health and Social Care Centre, Guest Outpatient Centre, Halesowen Health Centre or Stourbridge Health and Social Care Centre or other Dudley borough location). 

Where will my appointments take place?

Your initial outpatient appointment with your Dudley consultant will take place in Kidderminster at Hume Street Medical Centre. Any on-going treatments (i.e. investigations, biopsy etc.) will take place within the Dudley borough. For more information about The Dudley Group’s venues please see: http://dudleygroup.nhs.uk/

How will patients find out about this?

Your GP will talk to you about your referral options. You will decide with your GP which options are best for you and your circumstances.

If you choose a consultant from Dudley, your GP will explain to you that any on-going treatment will take place within the Dudley borough. All patients choosing to see a Dudley consultant will receive a leaflet or will be referred to the NHS Wyre Forest CCG website (http://www.wyreforestccg.nhs.uk/) giving them a brief overview of the service and list of frequently asked questions. 

Will it affect my current treatment? 

No, you will still be treated in the same way. The only difference will be that if you choose to see a consultant from Dudley your on-going treatment will be at a venue within the Dudley borough.

Where will my initial outpatients appointment take place?

Your initial appointment will take place at:

Hume Street Hume Street Medical Centre
Hume Street
DY11 6SF

Where will my appointment be in the Dudley borough?

Any on-going treatment will be received at a location within the Dudley borough. This could be at; 

  • Corbett Outpatient Centre 
  • Russells Hall Hospital
  • Brierley Hill Health and Social Care Centre
  • Guest Outpatient Centre
  • Halesowen Health Centre
  • Stourbridge Health and Social Care Centre 
  • or at another Dudley borough location.

The Dudley Group provides hospital and community services to patients across the Dudley borough, and runs Russells Hall Hospital, Corbett Outpatient Centre and Guest Outpatient Centre, plus many community facilitates. For more information about The Dudley Group or about each individual site, please visit their website: http://dudleygroup.nhs.uk/

What car parking is available?

There is plenty of free, onsite parking available at Hume Street Medical Centre. Car users will enter the car park via an automatic barrier. To exit the car park, visitors need to obtain a code for the barrier at Reception. More information can be found here: http://www.northumberlandhousesurgery.co.uk/contact1.aspx or here: http://www.aylmerlodgecookleypartnership.co.uk/contact/ 

There is lots of parking available at all of the Dudley treatment sites. Information on car park charges can be found here: http://dudleygroup.nhs.uk/patients-and-visitors/car-parking/

Is the Patient Transport Service (PTS) available?

There is already a contract for the Patient Transport Service in place, which will operate between Wyre Forest and Dudley. This service will provide transport to patients who meet the Department of Health’s eligibility criteria. For more information, please see: http://www.redditchandbromsgroveccg.nhs.uk/about-us/patient-transport-service/ 

Will my GP be able to tell me what the waiting times are?

Yes -  By using the electronic Choose and Book system, your GP will be able to tell you what the waiting times are to see a particular consultant/clinic.

Will I require a diagnosis before I attend the clinic?

Your GP will still follow the same treatment plan and will discuss with you if you need to be sent for a referral to a specific clinic or Consultant. 

What happens to my blood test results if I have a test in Wyre Forest, but have treatment in the Dudley borough?

Your consultant (regardless of where you are) will be able to access your results. The results of any blood test you have will be sent to your own GP. 

A process is in place to enable Dudley consultants to access of your results, if needed.

Is there any information or support for carers? 

The Dudley Group offer support to carers though their Carers Coordinator Sharon McGlynn.  Contact details are listed below:

Telephone:  01384 456111 ext 1568 or 07435 754386

Email: sharon.mcglynn@dgh.nhs.uk or carers@dudleycvs.org.uk 

Is service for urgent appointments?

No, this arrangement is for non-urgent referrals. 

What happens to my records if I am treated by a Dudley consultant, but become poorly in future and need to go into a Worcestershire Hospital?

Once you have been seen by any consultant (at any location) a record will be sent to your own GP. If an urgent scan or test is required, this will take place during your stay in hospital. If the hospital needs to obtain information from your records, they have a process in place which enables them to do this.

I have lots of health conditions and am already being treated in Worcestershire, how will my Dudley Consultant work with my existing clinicians?

Your Dudley Consultant will be able to contact any of your existing clinicians, at any time, to ensure they have the correct information to support them to treat you. This process is already in place.

What happens if a patient does not want to continue with their treatment in Dudley?

When your GP makes a Dudley consultant referral for you they will ensure you are made fully aware of what the Dudley pathway offers.  

Please be aware that you are not locked into a specific treatment plan. If your circumstances change you can go back to your GP and discuss your options. Your GP will help you to decide what the best plan of treatment is for you. 

What facilities are available at the Dudley treatment sites?

A range of facilities are available for patients, carers and visitors at each site. Please follow the link for more information: http://dudleygroup.nhs.uk/patients-and-visitors/on-site-facilities/

Is this a new service?

No, this isn’t a new service. We are building on existing arrangements and expanding current opportunities. Wyre Forest patients already have the option to see a consultant from DGFT for certain specialties.

Is the Dudley workforce able to meet extra demand?

Yes, the Dudley workforce is able to meet the extra demand. There will be a phased approach to this service and capacity will be considered and reassessed. 

At the moment it is not certain if Wyre Forest patients will choose a Dudley Consultant. NHS Wyre Forest Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and colleagues at DGFT will monitor this service and will react accordingly.

Why is the Wyre Forest CCG doing this? 

To increase patient choice and to relieve pressure off Worcestershire Acute Hospital Trust. Wyre Forest CCG will look at all opportunities to meet the needs of our patients. 

Is capacity a problem at Worcester Royal Hospital?

Worcestershire Acute Hospital Trust has asked Wyre Forest CCG for support. The CCG have put a pathway in place to support patients to be seen in alternative locations (if requested), in order to support the Acute Trust.

Will the change in services cost the CCG more money?

No - there is no difference in cost and this service does not impact Wyre Forest CCG.

Will there be a expansion of services available?

The CCG has identified the areas where Worcestershire Acute Hospital Trust needs support. The Dudley referral service is a an ongoing programme, so we anticipant that other specialties may be identified in the future.