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Wyre Forest Clinical Commissioning Group

About Us

NHS Wyre Forest Clinical Commissioning Group is a new NHS organisation. We “buy” the local healthcare services you might need. We buy lots of different types of health care from hospital services and community based services like blood testing and physiotherapy. We also work with other CCGs and the local and district council who buy and provide some services which are both part of health and social care such as nursing homes. Because of this you may also sometimes hear Clinical Commissioning Groups called ‘commissioners.’

Along with commissioning services, we are responsible for monitoring how well these services are provided. We realise that we can only do these things if we hear and understand what people think of health services in Wyre Forest, and we are committed to obtaining your feedback. Particularly, whether the services you use are meeting your needs.

NHS Wyre Forest Clinical Commissioning Group works with all of our ‘providers’ of services including, the local GPs, and pharmacies, local healthcare professionals such as podiatrists and physiotherapists, the Kidderminster Hospital and Treatment Centre,and a range of local partners. We are also committed to working with our neighbouring NHS services, where we need to, to ensure that Wyre Forest residents receive high quality healthcare.  

We have been operating in Shadow form for the last two years. Following an authorisation process, on 1 April 2013, we became an independant statutory NHS organisation. We serve a  patient population of 112,000 patients and have an budget of approximately £127 million. We are accountable to our members which consists of all of the 11 GP practices. The CCG Governing Body is responsible for the formal decision-making of the CCG.  It is made up of a membership that includes doctors and healthcare professionals, other NHS managers, lay members. 

More information about our vision and values, our priorites, our policies and procedures and our board can be found on this website.

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