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Wyre Forest Clinical Commissioning Group
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NHS Wyre Forest Clinical Commissioning Group is responsible for planning and buying a wide range of healthcare services, including most hospital, community and mental health services and ensuring the quality of these services.

We serve a  patient population of 112,000 patients and have an budget of approximately £127 million. We are accountable to our members which consists of the 11 GP practices in the Wyre Forest Area. The CCG Governing Body is the formal decision-making body in the CCG.  It is made up of a membership that includes doctors and healthcare professionals, other NHS managers, lay members.

We are committed to listening to our local population, GP membership, other health professionals, local councils, Voluntary and Community sector organisations, and other stakeholders to make sure we commission services which meet the needs of local people and to check the services being delivered are of a high quality.

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Visit your local pharmacy

Published by Gary Hammersley

Worcestershire residents are being encouraging to talk to their pharmacist if they need help and advice managing minor health conditions, avoiding a trip to the GP or A&E.

Most minor conditions, such as colds, coughs, flu and stomach bugs can be treated at home, and your local pharmacist can provide you with help and support to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

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